The Urban Group has a long history of facilitating the development of governmentally funded housing and community redevelopment activities and provides consulting services related to fundamentals of community revitalization. As redevelopment consultants, we administer purchases of foreclosed and abandoned residential properties in U.S. HUD Neighborhood Stabilization Programs and are increasingly involved in real estate acquisition activities for Community Redevelopment Agency’s under authority of Florida Statute 163. As housing project managers and consultants, The Urban Group has been involved in the construction of 2,253 governmentally funded housing units with a total development cost of $157,920,000. A majority of the projects are constructed using U.S. HUD funding. Housing services provided by The Urban Group include relocation for persons displaced because of a disaster or when redevelopment activities force displacement of residents.

Our clients include:

  • Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency
  • City of Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority
  • Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency
  • Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Department
  • City of Sarasota Housing and Community Development Department
  • CARRFOUR Supportive Housing, City of Miami

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