In Florida, a key focus area of The Urban Group’s (TUG) residential relocation services includes Mobile Home Park (MHP) management and tenant relocation, when lease lot communities give occupants notice of park closure, and occupants have to move. In these cases, TUG provides management of the MHP until such a time that the Owner decides to sell the MHP. TUG’s expert management and relocation team work together to plan and commence disposition activities in accordance with the Manufactured Home Land Lease Community Landlord Tenant Act, Florida Statutes 723. Short-term mobile home park property management can be co-joined with relocation services. Relocation encompasses advisory services to assist a mobile home unit owner in moving their mobile home, abandoning the unit, or to find replacement housing. In compliance with 723 (F.S.), TUG also prepares statutorily compliant housing studies of available vacant mobile lease home lots, and other suitable housing opportunities for displaced mobile home park residents. TUG can provide mobile home park demolition and disposal oversight services to clear the property.

TUG’s mobile home park relocation clients include: Florida Department of Transportation (Port of Palm MHP) Riviera Beach; Seminole Tribe of Florida (Seminole Park) Hollywood; City of Hallandale Beach (Tower MHP); Palma Nova MHP (Town of Davie); Wood Partners (The Palm MHP) North Miami; United Homes (Rancho Margate MHP) City of Margate; Square Lake Management (Coral Lake MHP).


  • Mobile home park tenant relocation and replacement housing advisory services
  • Preparation of Affordable Housing Studies
  • Mobile home park management and property protection
  • Mobile home unit moving assistance
  • Mobile home demolition and site property clearing

Our clients include

  • Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) (Port of Palm MHP)
  • Seminole Tribe of Florida (STOF) (Seminole Park MHP)
  • City of Hallandale Beach (Tower MHP)
  • Palma Nova, LLC (Palma Nova MHP)
  • Wood Partners (The Palm MHP)
  • United Homes (Rancho Margate MHP)
  • Lake Management (Coral Lake MHP)

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