Property Management is usually related to the building itself. Ensuring the efficient use of the building to increase revenue generated from the building(s). It is also in a Property Managers interest that a mutually beneficial relationship exists between owner/occupier.

The Urban Group’s Property Management Division administers real estate asset management service which includes property preservation and protection, property management and property disposal. As part of our property protection and preservation service, we specialize in providing property maintenance and inspection services for forfeited, foreclosed and condemned real estate assets. Our Property Management division has had contracts for property preservation and protection services for the FDOT, the U.S. Department of HUD, Broward County Florida, Lake Worth CRA, and the United States Marshals Service.

A sample of the services provided include temporary relocation services, disaster recovery, eviction management services, Initial inspections, removing abandoned property, debris removal, interior clean-outs and emergency board-up and repair services.

Past projects include:

  • Real Estate Property Management Services for the United States Marshals Service
  • Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) contracts for U.S. Department of HUD
  • The Arch Diocese of Miami temporary resident relocation and move management
  • Broward County Housing Authority property management, preservation and move management
  • Surplus property sales for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Program and property management projects at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
  • St. Lucie County Airport
  • Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

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