Housing Studies: Navigating Zoning, Permissions, and Community Impact

The Urban Group is a leading expert in Chapter 723, Florida Statutes, known as The Florida Mobile Home Act. We specialize in preparing Housing Studies that meet the legal requirement in Chapter 723.083, that states “No agency of municipal, local, county, or state government shall approve any application for rezoning, or take any other official action, which would result in the removal or relocation of mobile home owners residing in a mobile home park without first determining that adequate mobile home parks or other suitable facilities exist for the relocation of the mobile home owners.”

Many government entities require developers to conduct housing studies before zoning changes or permits are granted. This vital step safeguards compatibility with the local land use plan and regulations, especially when requesting zoning changes. Specific public funding programs might also mandate such studies to assess a development’s need and potential impact.

The Urban Group (TUG) has extensive experience preparing housing studies for a diverse range of clients. Our studies identify and quantify existing housing options, including mobile homes, rental apartments, and subsidized housing units. We understand the ethical considerations crucial to responsible development, particularly when facing potential resident displacement. At TUG, we prioritize fair practices and minimizing negative impacts on existing communities, working closely with clients to achieve their goals while upholding ethical standards.

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