Anna Maria Blanco, Program Manager

Mrs. Blanco has worked on the encroachments in Monroe and Miami-Dade counties, overseen the activities of asbestos, abatement and demolition-removal services along the Krome Avenue Project (divided in three (3) segments) and the Campbell Drive Project. Additionally, Mrs. Blanco has performed planning and execution of asbestos related activities according to core process mapping requirements. Asbestos survey occurred in 8% fewer days than that established in the core process measure 95%-100% of the time.

Mrs. Blanco’s wide-reaching experience has included planning and execution of demolition activities according to core process mapping. Prepared, obtained, and managed, in accordance with established standards and applicable laws and regulations, departmental contracts for the performance of asbestos surveys, preparation of asbestos abatement specifications, performance of air and asbestos abatement project monitoring, and departmental contracts for asbestos abatement services, for demolition and removal services and for the removal of underground pollutant storage tanks. Ensures to clear right-of-way at least 45-60 days prior to R/W certification date 95%-100% of the time. Ensures review commenced within 45 days of the 10 year anniversary of all excess property owned by the Department. Performs parcel inspections upon physical possession to ensure all inspections were completed within 1 day of physical possession 95%-100% of the time Pro-actively identified (sought out) and recommended proceeding with potential opportunity buys. Monitored Right-of-Way Management System (RWMS) and record files for quality assurance and reported finding within 15 days of the transfer. Handled the sale of severable items through negotiation or sealed bid, prepared all documents, collected and transmitted funds and related documentation to appropriate offices within the Department. Negotiated leases and leasebacks for real property and prepared all associated leasing documents for execution by the tenant and the Department. Invoices were verified for accuracy, included services verified performed and invoices processed timely. Managed the processing of requests for the sale and leasing for the disposition of surplus properties in accordance with established standards and applicable laws and regulations. Handled collection of rent payments and delinquent rent payments in accordance with established standards and applicable laws and regulations.

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