Gavaskar Josephs, Acquisition, Relocation & Facilities Mgmt Agent

Gavaskar Josephs began work at The Urban Group as a real estate specialist for public sector acquisition projects in July 2005. Mr. Josephs has extensive crossover experience in URA and HUD 104(d) compliant acquisition and relocation activities. He performs as a “dual agent” in acquisition and relocation activities. He also has current accreditation as an Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner certifications from the University of Florida, TREEO Center, and is a residential home inspector.

For the City of Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency in the MLK Mixed Use Real Property Acquisition and Relocation Services he was the Real Estate Acquisition and Relocation Agent where is duties included Acquisition, relocation and demolition supervision for the Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency. The City used eminent domain powers to assemble properties for redevelopment. Mr. Josephs make offers to property owners as “willing sellers”. Upon closings he coordinated environmental and demolition activities for Pompano Beach. He prepared lease-back agreements for businesses to allow 12 month hold over rentals.

For the City of Fort Pierce, Florida Department of Transportation in District 4 he worked as a Right of Way Agent on the Moore’s Creek and State Road AIA doing acquisition, relocation and right of way clearing services. Mr. Josephs was the acquisition agent responsible for purchasing parcels along Moore’s drainage canal to build a linear park.

For the Miami Dade Public Housing and Community Development Hampton Village Redevelopment Project under contract with Landmark Development Corporation, Mr. Josephs served as the relocation administrator for Hampton Village which was a 144 unit tenant relocation project for the City of Miami in Liberty City. Miami Neighborhood Services would be the owner. The relocation was conducted following URA and HUD 104(d) guide lines

Mr. Josephs served as the relocation administrator for Mediterranean, a 65 unit tenant relocation project for The Sarasota Housing Authority. New townhomes would replace the Mediterranean complex, which was afflicted by blight and crime. Sixty-five families were displaced and relocated. The relocation was conducted following URA and HUD 104(d) guide lines. Mr. Josephs was responsible for the preparation of tracking reports, research relocation replacement housing units, preparation of cost estimates, and processing relocation claims.

The Lake Worth CRA received a $23.2 million fund grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) to purchase foreclosed and abandoned properties. The Urban Group was the Real Estate Acquisition Consultant. Over 150 residential properties were acquired, and 140 Units Constructed. The project received the 2013 “Best Project of the Year” award by the Florida Redevelopment Association.

Mr. Josephs was the lead Acquisition agent for the Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency. He prepares initial property inspection reports and performed early title work. Upon contract execution he ordered and NSP compliant real estate appraisals. He facilitated closing and ordered boundary surveys and when necessary attended closings. He was responsible for ordering environmental reports and reviewing asbestos surveys.

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